Welcome to the official website of the Pearl River Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1.  The Pearl River Fire Department consists of two fire companies, Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1 and Excelsior Engine Co.  The Pearl River Fire Department provides fire protection 365 days/year for 24 hours/day for the hamlet of Pearl River, Town of Orangetown, New York.  We respond to approximately 400 emergency calls per year. Pearl River Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1 is composed of volunteer firefighters. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our recruitment page.


Shaun P. Ruocco, Captain, Pearl River Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1 (Webmaster)


Structure Fire: 14 Warrant Officer Bauer Lane

Posted on April 20, 2019

On April 20th, at approximately 8:30 P.M. the Pearl River Fire Department was dispatched to a Basement Fire at 14 Warrant Officer Bauer Lane. 12-4-1, was the first to arrived on scene and confirmed an active fire in the basement. The crew from 12-78 assisted in a search of the home and provided ventilation after the fire was extinguished. 


Note: Any media outlet may not use photos or text without the express written consent of the Pearl River FD


Structure Fire: 173 W. Washington Ave.

Posted on April 17, 2019

On April 17th,at approximately 12:30 P.M. the Pearl River and Nanuet Fire Departments were dispatched for a report of a structure fire at 173 West Washington Ave in Pearl River. Heavy fire was reported via numerous 911 calls. Nanuet’s Chief was the first to arrived and confirmed the active fire.  The main body of fire was located in an attached garage which had auto exposed to the eves of the main house. Pearl River FD and Mutual aid companies made quick work of the fire. 


Note: Any media outlet may not use photos or text without the express written consent of the Pearl River FD


Pearl River Hook & Ladder Company Officers 2019

Posted on April 2, 2019

Installation of 2019


 On Tuesday April 2nd, The Pearl River H&L Co. No. 1 has elected the following individuals into office. 


Company Officers


 Captain: Shaun Ruocco 

1st Lieutenant: Stephen Sullivan 

2nd Lieutenant: Patrick Shand

2nd 2nd Lieutenant: James King

Chief Chauffeur: Cory Clarkston

1st Assistant Chauffeur: Kevin Mayo 

2nd Assistant Chauffeur: Vacant



 President: Tom Black 

Vice President: John Hastings

Secretary: James King

Treasurer: Bob Hansen 

Financial Secretary: Bob Morrison 


Company Drill

Posted on March 28, 2019

On Thursday March 28th, the Pearl River H&L conducted our weekly drill. Each week our company officers select a drill topic and organize a drill. This weeks drill was divided into a few categories. Building Constriction (Lightweight), Pre-Plan our new large occupancy assisted living facility, Water supply, and Truck Company Ops (Outside Vent and Roof Firefighter duties).       

Mutial Aid Drill

Posted on February 21, 2019

On Thursday February 21st, Pearl River H&L conducted a Mutual Aid Drill with River Vale FD. Our drill topic was vehicle extrication and rescue airbag scenarios. 

National Fire Radio

Posted on January 13, 2019

On Sunday January 14th, Pearl River Hook and Ladder Co. #1 had the pleasure of hosting two national syndicated forums, the National Fire Radio (NFR) and The Hook & Can.  The National Fire Radio and The Hook & Can provide fire service education and unique fire apparatus innovations.   Jeremy and the fellow brothers were an amazing group. We would like thank NFR and The Hook and Can for their time, commitment and passion to keep the fire service alive and well!


F.A.S.T / R.I.T Drill

Posted on January 3, 2019

Last night members drilled on F.A.S.T/ R.I.T (Firefighter Assist and Search Team/ Rapid Intervention Team). The primary goal of these teams is to locate and recue a firefighter who has become trapped, suffered a medical emergency, or become lost/ disoriented. Drill focused on the different ways to package and safely remove a firefighter in distress as well as the proper use of the specialty tools for these incidents

MA To Montvale

Posted on December 24, 2018

On Sunday December 23rd, The Pearl River Fire Department was requested as mutual aid to a Structure Fire in Montvale NJ. 

12-1750 Farewell

Posted on December 16, 2018

As of Dec 16th 2018, our Rescue Engine (12-1750) was sold to the Keyser FD in West Virginia. She served her community since 1995, over 23 years! We would like to wish her and the new owners best of luck!