New Equipment Purchased


The Pearl River Fire District recently purchased (3) three BW gas Alert Micro Clip XT4 portable multi-gas detectors and (6) six TIF 8800X Combustible Gas Detectors. This equipment will assist in the mitigation of common hazardous materials incidents related to:

  •  Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms
  •  Carbon Monoxide Leaks
  •  Natural Gas leaks
  •  Noxious Odors
  •  Propane leaks
  •  Fuel leaks i.e. fuel spilled in the residence, fluids in the roadway etc…

The Gas detection equipment is used as an essential tool to keep our community safe.

BW Gas Alert Micro Clip XT4 Gas Meter


  •  LEL (Lower Explosive Limit)
  •  H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide Gas)
  •  CO (Carbon Monoxide)
  •  O2 (Oxygen)

Meter Summary:The BW gas Alert Micro Clip XT4 portable multi-gas detector simultaneously monitors and displays up to four gases including hydrogen sulfide (H2S) carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and combustibles (%LEL).

TIF 8800X Combustible Gas Detector


  •  Combustible environments
  •  Leak detection

Meter Summary:

  • Warns against dangerous explosive gases
  • Used in almost any situation where combustible gasses, vapor or residues are present
  • Applications include: gas lines, fuel systems, natural gas leaks, exhaust and fuel leaks, propane filling stations, and arson investigation
  • Audible "Geiger counter" which warns of an explosive environment.