Structure Fire

At approximately 10:37 P.M. on June 25th, the Pearl River Fire Department was dispatched to a Structure Fire at 268 North Middletown Road.  Upon dispatch Chief Sampath (12-1) called into service, he was advised by 44-Control (Fire Dispatch) of the numerous calls reporting a house fire. The Nanuet Fire Department was also en-route so they could provide a FAST (Firefighter Assist & Search Team). Captain Spoelstra (12-4) of Excelsior Engine confirmed an active fire. 12-Tower and its crew, lead by Lt. Ruocco (12-5-1) were first due, they established the location of the fire and conducted a primary search of the second floor. 12-2000’s crew stretched a line to the second floor, when the line was in place the tower crew “opened up” so that the engine company could extinguish the fire. The main body of fire was quickly knocked down. The Nanuet Fire Department’s FAST was put to work as extra manpower, so the South Spring Valley Fire Department provided FAST coverage.

Units Involved: 12-Tower, 12-2000, 12-1750, 12-1501, 12-1250, 12-EQ, 8-1750, 11-2000, 25-1750.