Officials: Nearly 50 percent of firefighter LODDs are cardiovascular

Posted on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 15:39:46 GMT
The U.S. Fire Administration said cardiac-related issues are the leading cause of death for firefighters on duty

Ky. fire department requests grant for body armor

Posted on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 15:08:32 GMT
The department is asking for a $44,600 Homeland Security grant to purchase body armor firefighters can wear during incidents where responders might be in danger

Southwest flight hero firefighter speaks out

Posted on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 14:37:15 GMT
Andrew Needum, who helped pull Jennifer Riordan back into the plane after she was sucked through a window said he’s "no different than any other firefighter”

Firefighter in ICU after motorcycle crash: 'I'm sorry, Chief'

Posted on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 13:56:39 GMT
Bay St. Louis Fire Chief Monty Strong said that while Michael Guitreau cannot speak, he wrote the message to Chief Strong when he came to visit in the hospital

Ex-firefighter-EMT dies reviving neighbor who had heart attack

Posted on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 13:39:50 GMT
Robert Cordani responded to a medical call for a neighbor suffering from cardiac arrest and began to perform CPR before collapsing from cardiac arrest himself

Video: Mike Rowe honors Granite Mountain Hotshots in new Facebook series

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:47:57 GMT
Mike Rowe featured the Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute in his "Returning the Favor" Facebook series

Quiz: Test your knowledge of 'Backdraft'

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:44:11 GMT
Do you think you know everything about the popular 1991 film? Let's see if you've got what it takes to get a perfect score

Firefighter accused of lying to police at crash scene

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:18:32 GMT
A witness said he saw firefighters pull an “intoxicated” man from the crashed vehicle, but police said the crew told them no one had been inside when they arrived

Calif. police chief to serve as acting fire chief

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:13:10 GMT
Manhattan Beach Police Department Chief Derrick Abell will be acting chief of the fire department for a couple of months until a permanent chief is found

Alaska firefighter discusses overcoming ladder fall injury

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 15:16:00 GMT
"I'd say the biggest positive is that I''ve seen the worst part of my life and seeing how I can overcome that," Ben Schultz said

Firefighter returns to work after racial rant at Hooters

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 14:25:14 GMT
Terrence Skeen’s lawyers claim the firefighter was “suspended incorrectly” after he allegedly called an African-American man the N-word and spit on the man's grandson

Miss. firefighter seriously hurt in motorcycle crash

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 14:18:59 GMT
Michael Guitreau had to undergo multiple surgeries after a vehicle pulled in front of him while he was riding his motorcycle

Topographical fire truck staging considerations

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2018 20:32:13 GMT
When deciding where to park a fire truck at a scene, apparatus drivers must factor in the vulnerability of the staging area

The new age of hydraulics for the fire service

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2018 20:00:42 GMT
Hydraulic motors are enhancing fire service operational performance in a smaller package, giving smaller fire apparatus big apparatus capabilities

LODD: NY firefighter-paramedic dies on duty

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2018 18:10:22 GMT
The Greenlawn Fire Department said they lost one of the best, most experienced professionals they have after Kent Stillwagon died

Firefighter helps pull woman sucked out of plane back inside

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2018 16:24:45 GMT
Andrew Needum and Tim McGinty pulled Jennifer Riordan to safety after she was sucked out of her window whenSouthwest Flight 1380 suffered an engine failure

Firefighters hold ‘Blizzard Prom’ photoshoot for teens at station

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2018 16:18:15 GMT
After a blizzard left students without a place to take photos before prom, Forest Lake Fire station opened its doors for a unique alternative

Fire chief battles blaze at his own home

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2018 15:29:44 GMT
Pleasant Township Fire Chief Kevin Bluhm was asleep with his wife when he heard smoke alarms going off

Iowa firefighter dies after being run over in a drive-thru

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2018 15:07:13 GMT
Curtis Schantz, a 33-year Alburnett Fire Department veteran, was fixing his truck that had broken down in a Dairy Queen drive-thru when he was struck

Ohio firefighter hurt after deck collapses during fire

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2018 14:24:02 GMT
The firefighter was battling an apartment blaze while standing on a deck when it collapsed