Training-Rescue Airbags

Posted on November 9, 2013

On Saturday November 8th , sixteen Pearl River Firefighters received training on our new rescue airbag equipment at the Rockland County Fire Training Center. Rescue airbags are used to free a victim that is pinned underneath a heavy object. Air bags can also be used in a variety of incidents including building collapses, heavy extrications and industrial entrapments. The most common situations involve: pedestrians/bicyclists who are pinned during an accident; victims caught underneath vehicles; and accidents on construction sites. Air bags can be adapted for many other situations such as to displace, spread or otherwise move objects that can’t be moved by conventional methods.  

Orangeburg Brush Fire

Posted on November 15, 2013

On Thursday November 14th , the Pearl River Fire Department was requested to the scene of a large brush fire in Orangeburg. The initial report was a small brush fire in the vicinity of Greenbush Road. Due to dry conditions and light winds the brush fire quickly expanded up Clasuand Mountian. On Thursday, Pearl River Firefighters were located on the southern part of the mountain trying to contain the fire; our units fell back into a defensive mode after sunset. Firefighters monitored the fire overnight. On Friday, Pearl River was requested again to help extinguish blaze. The majority of the fire was extinguished on Friday. However, Pearl River was called upon on Saturday to help extinguish “Hot Spots”. 

Pearl River Hilton Fire

Posted on November 15, 2013

On Friday November 15th at 16:49 the Pearl River Fire Department was requested to the Pearl River Hilton Hotel for smoke in the building. Orangeburg's FAST was also requested to the scene. Since Orangeburg was directing their efforts to the brush fire, the Mahwah Fire Department was covering Orangeburg’s District and responded from Orangeburg. Fire units found that an AC unit overheated and caught on fire. The fire was extinguished and all units were back in service by 17:35 hours. 

Extrication Training

Posted on November 16, 2013

On Saturday November 16th , twelve Pearl River Firefighters dedicated their day to vehicle extrication. Our members received training at the Rockland County Fire Training Center on vehicle extrication techniques and rescue airbag simulations.