Photo By: Megan Bogosian
Anyone interested in joining the Pearl River Fire Department, Pearl River Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1, should e-mail our recruitment officer at or visit the Fire House at 58 E. Central Avenue in Pearl River, New York on Thursday nights and request to see the Captain or a Lieutenant.  Thursday drill nights start promptly at 7:00 p.m. and ends at approximately 9:30 pm.
 Para Military Organization

The Fire Department is a paramilitary organization; it is organized much like the military with a command structure and high expectations. Discipline and obedience is critical, as orders given by your officers and instructors must be promptly followed. The ability to adapt to the Fire Departments fast paced environment is vital to your success.

Physical Requirements

Today's firefighters must be physically fit. The physical requirements during training are intense and difficult.

Membership Requirements

Any American citizen that resides within the Pearl River Fire District for a period of six months or more and being eighteen of age or older is eligible for membership.

Any American citizen residing within the Pearl River Fire District for a period of six months or more and being sixteen years of age and having written consent of his parents or guardian, and accompanied by employment certificate, work permit, or other necessary working papers is eligible for membership.

Membership is pending oath of obligation and approval of the Fire District at their next regular meeting.

Six months residency can be waived for a transfer firefighter from another fire company if they have a letter showing they are in good standing with that company.

All applicants must meet the medical requirements as set forth by the Pearl River Fire District to be classified as an interior firefighter.